Add Value !

Add Value !
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The Timeline and our lifeline are two phenomenal parallel lines naturally run in everyone’s life span, just imagine two lines going together parallel, not crossing each other and are at the exact same distance. Stretch these lines till infinity and we know they will never cross each other neither they will create hustle-bustle. They just go hand in hand silently forever as long as we can stretch them.

Consider the line of time at beneath and your lifeline at the upper side, this is how we are travelling with time, time is moving with its constant pace since ever. We join this timeline since we arrive on this planet earth. We see we observe, we understand and we learn. One fine day we get family, kids and responsibilities and we start doing something for our living.

And from here we start travelling parallel to Timeline; Days, weeks, months and years roll by and so your age. Thirty to thirty-one, thirty-five thirty-eight and it just carry on. This happens to most of us.

Our age becomes an increasing number. Don’t you think this situation is as good as we are dead? Going to office, completing the daily task, facing boss, meeting targets, handling clients and our team. Boredom, irritation and frustration become the routine behaviours, which caused us many psychosomatic health issues. We just breathe and that’s it.

Sound Familiar! Off course it would.

We are either already here or we started getting the feel of it. Whatever it is; but you know that it happens. It certainly does.

Do you know why and how it happens, why we barely survive not to live life?

It happens simply because of one reason and that is; WE STOP LEARNING, WE STOP ‘ADDING VALUE’ to ourselves.

Now, imagine once again; imagine the same parallel lines with same placement; Line of Time at below and line of our life at above it, now, imagine if we add a simple Value to our Life and our LifeLine tilt one degree upwards.

Now, as time will pass this one-degree change become more valuable; stretch both of these lines on the same angle, the Timeline will go straight with its defined pace but your lifeline will keep moving upwards with each passing day, it will go upward higher and higher.

This simple formula of one-degree change will bring you growth, health and happiness. Certainly.

Now the question is, what kind of value should you add? What is value here? The answer is simple, any kind and can be anything.

Reading a book, earning any certificate, learning a new skill, any new language, doing some hobby classes. Anything; simply anything which may bring some kind of positive change in you.

The issue is that we are so busy earning a livelihood that we stop adding any value; we stop learning. We even do not understand the value of adding value and don’t feel the importance of being valuable and as time passes this becomes our habit.

Ask yourself, when did you last add any value to yourself? Which is the last book you read? The last time you did any certificate course? Any hobby class? Anything for yourself, for your happiness!

I wish you could remember anything. If you took a long time to recall, try to understand you are losing your happiness and if you are really not able to recall anything in recent time; this is alarming.

Believe me; your job, your boss and so-called competition is not the real reason for your frustration. And smoking, liquor or drug is certainly not the answer to this frustration. The answer is simple, the idea is simple, ‘ADD VALUE’.

Add value to yourself and enjoy the feeling of abundance and satisfaction. The real happiness, real satisfaction.

Wish You Happiness!

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